Sep 27, 2018 Webinar

Tufts Research on Clinical Oversight Performance: Assessment and Impact

Tufts CSDD has been researching the outsourcing environment for the past 20 years. However, this new study puts a spotlight on a relatively new area of focus around Oversight. The research aimed to measure and quantify perceived effectiveness in the critical outsourcing function. As organizations take a hard look at their current practices the research findings provide valuable insight and actionable areas for improvement

Ken Getz of Tufts CSDD discusses the results of the study and their implications. Specific areas covered include:

  • Approaches deployed for oversight
  • Overall effectiveness of these practices
  • Plans to improve oversight methods

The session includes a summary of the results from this groundbreaking survey that will inform the viewer of the myriad of outsourcing models used, outsourcing hierarchy utilized, and challenges faced due to inconsistency and lack of management involvement.

Speakers also share their perspective on where the industry is headed and ways to overcome Oversight challenges including transparency, risk, and compliance.

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