Feb 27, 2019 Webinar

Evaluating Trial Delay Sources & Reducing Cycle Times

Recent changes in the clinical trial landscape threaten to increase the duration of clinical trials. Due to shifting regulatory guidelines, stringent inclusion/exclusion criteria, and the proliferation of digital applications in trial execution, it is more important than ever to evaluate sources of trial delay and reduce trial cycle times.

This webinar will highlight some common practices that prevent sponsors and CROs from proactively detecting delays, and will also provide recommendations for gaining true mastery over clinical data.

We’ll show you how to detect, report, and address common risk indicators that could result in trial delays, so you can:

  • Accelerate enrollment in the first months of a clinical trial
  • Increase enrollment throughout a trial’s lifespan
  • Access actionable information about site activation, enrollment rates, site performance, etc.
  • Quickly assign tasks in a defensible and compliant manner

Join Comprehend as we explore the critical steps to reducing trial cycle times in this informative webinar.

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