Oct 25, 2018 Webinar

CRO Best Practices: Moving from Reactive to Strategic Project Management

Traditional project management of clinical trials, when performed by CROs, provide focus on oversight of timelines, budgets, resourcing and performance goals. Biotech and pharma clients require more from project managers – a true partnership in clinical development.

Project Managers are increasingly being expected to:

  • Support the client’s business strategy and sustainability
  • Interpret trends identified within a project that may impact the current clinical  trial design and future clinical development, regulatory, and commercial strategies
  • Identify and mitigate risks prior to realizing a larger project impact

CROs are struggling to move from traditional to strategic project management and clients are being impacted.

This presentation will share best practices on strategic project management for clinical trials from both the CRO delivery and the Sponsor expectation perspectives. A case study is also included to provide an example of the shift from traditional to strategic project management and resulting benefits for the project including financial impact, team dynamics, efficiency of correspondence and communication, and superior delivery of project management services.

Join Heather Davis, an independent consultant with over 26 years experience in clinical trials project management, clinical monitoring, and operational strategy across biotech and CRO industries with a specialty in oncology clinical trials. Heather will share her experience and best practices from both the CRO and Sponsors perspective to build clear expectations and stronger relationships focused on success.

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