Medical Review Team Solutions

Get the details right to avoid controllable risks.

Key Takeaway

Proving efficacy and ensuring patient safety leaves little room for error among medical review teams. Comprehend removes the lag time between data requests and availability by eliminating manual work and removing data management complexity.


Medical Insights

At last, chief medical officers and medical monitors have a way to see all their safety and subject-level data together for consistent and proactive medical review. Innovative capabilities let medical review teams work at a higher level, to ensure patient safety and prevent trials from being pushed off course.

  • Use dynamic line listings and graphical patient profiles to understand data changes in real time
  • Address protocol deviations and adverse events earlier
  • Use detailed labs, with access to actual test results, to visualize trends and identify outliers
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KPI Studio

KPI Studio enables medical review teams to access data from disparate sources — EDC, Labs, ECG, ePRO, IxRS, etc. — through a unified study data model for more accurate and effective analysis of trends, correlations, and anomalies in real time.

  • Customize KPIs and analytics for more relevant monitoring in real time
  • Set alerts to identify issues sooner for faster action
  • Quickly share relevant information using custom dashboards and reports
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