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Actionable insights reduce risk and improve study performance.

Key Takeaway

ClinOps VPs, study managers, and CRA managers are often frustrated by missing data and error-prone manual workflows. Comprehend solves these problems by automating oversight and collaboration across studies, systems, and CROs at every stage.


ClinOps Insights

Track the status of each study in real time and proactively identify issues that could cause milestone delays.

  • Integrate data from your CTMS, EDC, ePRO, IxRS, and other data systems and automate updates
  • Quickly identify and address issues to optimize study start-up, enrollment, and compliance
  • Gain actionable insights about the productivity of sites, countries, and CRAs
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Oversight Scorecard

ClinOps VPs, study managers, and vendor managers use this flexible interface to oversee studies, sites, vendors, and entire portfolios, as outlined in ICH E6(R2) guidelines. This solution overcomes data-related challenges that limit oversight, by providing actionable insights, root-cause analysis details, and comprehensive access to the latest data.

  • Gain a quick, comprehensive overview of risk, quality, and performance Indicators across a single study or your entire portfolio
  • Use scores for sites, studies, countries, and vendors—based on metrics you select—to make better, faster decisions
  • Improve CRO relationships by monitoring quality agreements and oversight plans in real time
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Centralized Monitoring

Comprehend’s Centralized Monitoring solution enables ClinOps professionals to go beyond traditional site operations. A risk-based management (RBM) approach lowers costs and saves time by helping you think more strategically about site visits.

  • Reduce compliance and regulatory risk through early notification of data issues
  • Allocate site visitation resources more effectively
  • Use custom KRIs and root-cause analysis to identify and address issues more quickly
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KPI Studio

KPI Studio gives ClinOps professionals an easy way to create user-defined reports and visualizations, based on the data points that are most meaningful to each stakeholder.

  • Access raw data from all your systems—EDC, CTMS, etc.—and create your desired KPIs and analytics
  • Enjoy drag-and-drop functionality with no coding required
  • Easily generate tabular and visual reports for presentations and internal review
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