Business Development Team Solutions

Drive growth and ensure customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaway

Nurturing relationships with existing customers and bringing new customers on board is easier for business development professionals who rely on Comprehend for actionable insights. Our solutions inspire sponsor confidence in your CRO’s ability to increase study performance and reduce risk.


ClinOps Insights

With ClinOps Insights in place, your CRO’s business development leaders can ensure existing customers that their studies are on-track toward successful completion. They can also attract new business by explaining the power of data visibility to drive performance and reduce risk.

  • Win sponsors who want to avoid being burned by data quality or management issues
  • Improve communication and collaboration from planning to completion
  • Gain insights for more accurate account planning, management, and execution
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Centralized Monitoring

Sponsors are becoming increasingly interested in risk-based management (RBM), and Comprehend delivers a powerful solution that goes far beyond traditional site operations.

  • Reduce compliance and regulatory risk through early notification of data issues
  • Allocate site visitation resources more effectively
  • Use custom KRIs and root-cause analysis to identify and address issues more quickly
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Medical Insights

Business development professionals can offer greater peace of mind to sponsors with Medical Insights, a proven way to monitor protocols and documentation. With safety and subject-level data all in one place, critical medical review processes can be managed effectively and efficiently.

  • Dynamic line listings and graphical patient profiles reveal data changes as they happen
  • Protocol deviations and adverse events can be addressed earlier, to reduce risk and support patient safety
  • Detailed labs, with access to actual test results, make it easier to visualize trends and identify outliers
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