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Clinical Intelligence Suite for CROs

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By automating real-time data transparency, collaboration and insights, Comprehend’s Clinical Intelligence Suite for CROs enables Clinical operations teams to continuously assess business performance, maintain margins and reduce risk.

Through a modern, SaaS approach and integrated platform of industry-standard utilities and clinical applications, Executives, Study Managers, CRAs, Data Managers and Medical Monitors can now:

  • Reduce cross-system, -portfolio and -study data complexity
  • Better allocate resources to maximize value
  • Improve productivity with CRAs and teams
  • Share collaborative task management with sponsors
  • Automate data aggregation across sources
  • Streamline medical review

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insightsClinOps Insights

Optimize portfolio oversight, enrollment, subject compliance and site productivity processes to deliver milestones on time with:

  • Portfolio Oversight Module that provides timely portfolio status, predicts milestone delays, and proactively identifies milestone issues
  • Enrollment Module that predicts enrollment delays and highlights funnel leakage
  • Site Productivity Module that proactively identifies site-level issues that might delay database lock
  • Subject Compliance Module that manages data quality by identifying issues with protocol deviations and supports patient safety processes by highlighting adverse event trends and outliers
  • Site Performance Module provides site summary cards with automated outliers against baseline to quickly understand site health and drill down to root cause

Centralized Monitoring

Go beyond traditional site operations with continuous monitoring of key risk indicators to significantly lower the cost, time and risk of a clinical trial portfolio by delivering:

  • Cross-sponsor, -system, -study and -site KRIs to reduce the risk of study delays
  • Real-time investigation and root-cause analysis at portfolio and patient levels
  • Statistical Monitoring that is configurable to meet evolving operational and regulatory needs
  • Full visibility into key risk indicators across portfolios of studies
  • Early notification of subject safety, protocol, and missing endpoint data issues to mitigate compliance risk
  • Collaborative task management with fully auditable workflow to resolve issues and minimize regulatory risk

Medical Insights

Bring all safety and subject level data into a unified structure for faster, more accurate medical review and improved safety signal analysis with:

  • Aggregated patient data from multiple sources
  • Automated risk signals to speed collaborative review and response
  • Graphical Patient Profiles accelerate clinical review with configurable patient-level insights
  • Dynamic Line Listings highlight new and changed data
  • Key performance indicators deliver full, real-time visibility into Adverse Events at study, country, site, and patient levels
  • Detailed Labs identify outliers, visualize trends, and provide access to actual test results

KPI Studio

Personalize reporting and dashboards to meet increasing demands through access to all study data. Easily create user-defined KPIs and  analytics.

  • Drag and drop functionality to create interactive visualizations – no coding required
  • Utilize SQL to build advanced tabular and visual reports
  • Syntax validation, advanced calculations, and formatting for higher quality and ease of use

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