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How many Phase 2 or 3 studies are you currently conducting?
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Which of the following obstacles jeopardizes your studies the most?

Working with CROs

How confident are you that your CROs can meet incremental study milestones?
About how much do your monthly CRO change orders cost?
About how many hours per week do you spend in CRO update meetings?

Medical Review Complexity

How many times per month do your medical monitors review clinical data for each study?
About how many different steps are involved in your medical review process, across clinical operations, data management, and medical review teams?
About how much time do you spend on each of these steps?
About how often do your medical data reviews lead to a critical clinical decision that delays a study?

Aggregating/Managing Data

How many separate data systems (EDC, CTMS, ePRO, spreadsheets, etc.) do you rely on for each study?
About many hours per week do you spend aggregating, cleansing, and maintaining data?
About how many months does it take to configure a new study?

Instant Results

Sample results are provided for a single 3-year study, based on your responses. Actual results may vary. Additional studies would likely result in additional savings.

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