May 23, 2019 Webinar

Make Data Governance Your Secret to Success

Maintaining the security and integrity of clinical data is difficult, and ensuring that data is available and usable to authorized stakeholders can be even more challenging. Too often, the competition between usability and security puts compliance at risk, which can damage the important work of clinical teams.

In this 30-minute webinar, Comprehend will demonstrate how sound data governance practices can satisfy compliance and security requirements, while improving data access and usability. You’ll learn how data governance can improve the agility of your clinical teams today, and address any future concerns you may have over data tomorrow.

Using a real-world example, you’ll discover the journey raw data takes as it’s produced, stored, secured, and evaluated over the governance lifecycle. We’ll pay particular attention to the importance of unifying data from multiple sources, so it can be automatically transformed into actionable insights for ClinOps and Data Management VPs and their supporting teams.