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Clinical Intelligence Suite


Speed to Quality Results

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Clinical Intelligence Suite

By automating key operations and medical processes, Comprehend’s Clinical Intelligence Suite enables Clinical Research teams to increase the speed and quality of trial submissions across a portfolio of clinical trials.

ClinOps, Study Managers, CRAs, Data Managers, Medical Monitors and your CROs can now:

  • Achieve milestones on time
  • Do more with fewer resources
  • Avoid cost overruns
  • Reduce safety and data quality risk
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insightsClinOps Insights

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Optimize portfolio oversight, enrollment, subject compliance and site productivity processes to deliver milestones on time with the:


  • Portfolio Oversight Module that provides timely portfolio status, predicts milestone delays, and proactively identifies milestone issues
  • Enrollment Module that predicts enrollment delays and highlights funnel leakage
  • Site Productivity Module that proactively identifies site-level issues that might delay database lock
  • Subject Compliance Module that manages data quality by identifying issues with protocol deviations and supports patient safety processes by highlighting adverse events trends and outliers

unnamedClinOps Insights Add On: CRO Oversight

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Reduce cycle times and improve data quality by monitoring your CRO quality agreements and oversight plans in real-time with:


  • Automation of KPIs and thresholds in Quality Agreements
  • Scorecards for each CRO, study, KPI and Site deliver real-time performance dashboards
  • Issue resolution through collaborative task management to escalate priorities and assign responsibility


monitorCentralized Monitoring

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Go beyond traditional site operations with continuous monitoring of key risk indicators to significantly lower the cost, time and risk of a clinical trial portfolio by delivering:




Smarter resource allocation with –

  • Cross-study and -site KRIs to reduce the risk of study delays and cost overruns
  • Real-time investigation and root cause analysis at portfolio and patient levels
  • Adaptive Monitoring that is configurable to meet evolving monitoring needs

Risk reduction with –

  • Full visibility into key risk indicators across your portfolio of studies
  • Early notification of subject safety, protocol, and missing endpoint data issues to mitigate compliance risk
  • Collaborative task management with fully auditable workflow to resolve issues and minimize regulatory risk

medicalMedical Insights

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Medical Insights is the first application to bring all safety and subject level data into a unified structure for consistent and proactive medical review and safety signal analysis. Medical Insights provides ease and speed to medical data analysis with the following innovative capabilities:




  • Dynamic Line Listings and Graphical Patient Profiles accelerate clinical data review with highlighted data changes and configurable patient-level insights
  • Key performance indicators deliver full, real-time visibility into Adverse Events at study, country, site, and patient levels
  • Detailed Labs identify outliers, visualize trends, and provide access to actual test results

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