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Moving Clinical Trial Analytics & Collaboration to the Cloud


High performing clinical operations teams are using Comprehend to simplify and speed drug development. We are helping them quickly analyze, visualize and share information.

Our market leading clinical operations solution offers:

  • Automated data aggregation from multiple internal and external data sources, across clinical and operational functions
  • Ability to create rich custom analyses or use Comprehend’s pre-configured solutions to manage all your key study metrics
  • Collaboration tools that facilitate real-time communication between clinical operations teams, sites and CROs

Real Time Clinical Insights

Clinical Teams, Sites and CROs have up-to-date dashboards and drill downs for all key study metrics

  • Simple drag-and-drop ad-hoc reporting
  • Pixel-perfect exporting to PDF, Excel and more
  • Reports, cross tabs, graphs and patient profiles
  • Intelligent click-through into any other visualization


Event-driven insights and ability to
save and share reports for
collaboration between all users


Push-based alerting to notify
you and your team when a
threshold has been crossed

Full Auditability

Maintain analysis audit trails and KRI history
to produce on demand reports detailing
decision making history



Connect to your disparate databases while keeping the data in place

  • Prebuilt connectors
  • Across platforms, EDCs, CROs or databases
  • Simultaneous visibility across all studies

Fast Study Startup

Software-as-a-service so you can get up and running in days

  • No capital investment
  • HTML and JS only – no plugins or Flash
  • Works on mobile device, tablet, IE, Chrome, Safari
  • Configured, not coded
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