Real-time insights across all of your disparate clinical dataRequest a Demo

  • Connects Clinical Data Sources

    Comprehend Clinical™ connects clinical data
    sources, making your data accessible

    Non-technical users can run reports and
    visualizations across all data sources

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  • Advanced Reporting & Automated Alerts

    Real-time dashboards, ad-hoc reporting and automated alerts via email or sms

    • Simple drag-and-drop ad-hoc reporting
    • Save and share output with other users
    • Pixel-perfect exporting to PDF, Excel, and more
    • Reports, crosstabs, graphs, patient profiles, and more
  • Truly Multi-Datasource

    Connect to all of your disparate databases while keeping the data in place

    • Connect to all datasources simultaneously
    • Across platforms, EDCs, CROs, or databases
    • Simultaneous reporting across all studies
    • Without relying on programmers
  • Available in the Cloud

    Software-as-a-service so you can get running in days with zero IT support

    • No capital investment, pay-as-you-go
    • Requires no IT support
    • HTML and JS only. No plugins. No Flash
    • Works on iPad, iPhone, IE, Chrome, Safari, and more
  • Easy to Use & Cross-Platform

    Comprehend Clinical works out-of-the-box with all systems, even proprietary custom systems, without moving the data

    • Quick to setup
    • Custom dashboards provide up-to-date access to data
    • Intelligent click-through into any other visualization
    • Cross-study, cross-CRO, cross-database

Key Features

  • Screenshot of Example Filters and Highlights

    Intelligent Highlights and Filters

    Comprehend Clinical™’s highlights and filters provide additional insight into the underlying data. Compare specific patient sub-populations, or set highlights for anomalous outliers.

  • Screenshot: Example Graphs

    Intuitive, pixel perfect Graphs and Visualizations

    Complex graphs and visualizations are made using our drag-and-drop UI. We support line, scatter, column, pie, pareto, and many others.

  • Screenshot of comprehend clinical analytics in the cloud.

    Access your analytics in the cloud!

    Comprehend Clinical™ can now be hosted in the Cloud! No installations. No support. Simply get access to all of your data, instantly! Works out of the box with Medidata Rave, Oracle Clinical, CDISC SDTM, and many more.

  • Screenshot of Comprehend Clinical's Interactive Dashboards

    Interactive Dashboards provide high level overviews

    Comprehend Clinical™’s interactive dashboards provide a high level overview of your company’s most important metrics. They are accessible upon login, can be accessed from any web browser or mobile device, and can even be embedded in other websites or portals.

  • Screenshot of Comprehend Clinical - Simple Ad-hoc Reporting - Create new Graph Window

    Extremely simple Ad-Hoc Reporting

    Our simple drag-and-drop ad-hoc reporting makes it extremely easy for non-programmers to explore and analyze their data.

  • Comprehend Clinical - Multiple Data Sets Diagram

    Supports all clinical data platforms including:

    • Phase Forward InForm™
    • Argus Safety
    • Oracle Clinical™
    • Medidata Rave™
    • Oracle LSH
    • Oracle CDC…
    • MARVIN (XClinical)

    …and even proprietary EDCs or other in-house systems, without moving the data.

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