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What is Comprehend?

Comprehend is an integrated, technology solution that seamlessly coordinates and optimizes clinical development processes. Comprehend provides each member of the clinical team a complete, real-time understanding of their specific concerns to better inform immediate decision-making. Comprehend then provides the tools to more seamlessly coordinate resulting actions.

Comprehend is vendor-neutral and leverages existing data collection systems like EDC and CTMS systems, and works across studies, therapeutic areas, data systems, and CROs. And because Comprehend is cloud-based, it is quick to stand-up and get started using.

Comprehend helps clinical teams:

  • Executives and VPs

    Comprehend provides a single interface empowering every stakeholder to identify problems and optimize the entire clinical development process. Know what’s happening across your organization, and prevent problems from festering longer than necessary.

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  • Risk-based Monitoring

    Comprehend allows your organization to implement RBM by providing the infrastructure to follow Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) in real-time. Be automatically alerted when a KRI crosses a threshold, and help coordinate the resulting actions across study managers, monitors, investigator sites, and others.

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  • Clinical Operations

    Comprehend enables everybody involved with trial execution to follow the Study Quality Metrics relevant to them. CRAs are immediately notified when problems are identified at their sites. Study and Program managers see exactly how well their teams are performing, and can take actions quickly.

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  • Medical Reviewers

    Comprehend provides medical reviewers the ability to identify outliers through real-time report, then followup with a complete profile of each patient. When problems are identified, Comprehend enables medical reviewers to easily collaborate with the rest of the clinical development organization.

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Why comprehend?

Comprehend provides all members of a clinical development team an up-to-date understanding of what’s relevant to them, and the tools to more seamlessly coordinate resulting action with:

  • Fast Study Stand-up

  • Complete real-time Insights

  • Collaboration & Alerting

  • Informed Decision Making
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