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  • ClinOps Insights optimizes the portfolio oversight, enrollment, subject compliance and site productivity processes that enable ClinOps teams to deliver milestones on time

  • Centralized Monitoring enables ClinOps to proactively manage studies to risk thresholds and optimize site resource allocation to keep studies on time and within budget

  • Medical Insights provides Medical Monitors with continuous insights into medical outliers and trends so they are able to conduct speedy investigation into efficacy and safety issues to lower risk and deliver quality results

  • KPI Studio – a cross-application add-on – empowers Data Management teams to quickly and scalably create organization specific KPIs, KRIs, monitors and analytics

Before Comprehend, we didn’t have a way of easily assessing or aggregating our clinical trial data…[W]ith Comprehend, we can now quickly generate meaningful visualizations, collaborate in real-time and identify gaps to prioritize our work.
Barry Templin
VP of Technology, Therapy, and Clinical

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